Settel International Ministries

The time to live the unity of the Scriptures has arrived. Through the music of Settel International Ministries, both Gentiles and Jews can touch the Heart of God and feel the arms of Messiah Yeshua surround them. This act alone brings us together and the special love of Messiah is the glue that will hold us together.


The anointing that knows no boundaries or status is a common denominator; the one place where we see more with our eyes closed, than with them opened. Welcome to the world of worship where we seek to bless The King.

Jonathan's New CD Has Arrived

Jonathan Settel's new CD has arrived! It is great-I think you will find it to be surprisingly different. The title cut song for this CD is, 'When I Worship You' #2. It has been said that "this song is Jonathan's auto-biography!"

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Editorial Review:

"After much anticipation, finally there comes a new album from Jonathan Settel by far the best album he has released! The well-known artist's new album contains beautiful new praise and worship music, with all new recordings made in the Holy Land."

Our History

Jonathan is a man after the heart of God. He ministers extensively worldwide, bringing us back to our Jewish roots through Messianic expressions of worship and teachings.

Jonathan's travels have taken him to many countries as well as a variety of Christian and Messianic Congregations. The passion of this ministry is to see the Body of Messiah unite and in so doing exposes Anti-Semitism within the Church. Many have wept in repentance upon altar calls, releasing the Genesis 12:3 blessing.

Our desire is to see all of Israel (the Jewish people) come to know Messiah as the Body of Believers provokes them to jealousy. Many have responded to the call for salvation and letters are received daily reflecting the impact Jonathan's music has had on people's lives. This music and ministry materials have gone into places where Jonathan has yet to go.

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