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"Many believe these are the days of "Chevlei Mashiach" - the "birth pangs of Messiah". In the midst of the increasing shocks and pain we have been experiencing in Israel and worldwide. Jonathan's album is a beacon of light and hope; An expression of joyful anticipation on the part of this unique generation. It heralds Mashiach Yeshua's return as King of Israel and the nations. It proclaims a heart-soaring "AMEN!" - Aleph, Mem, Nun - an acronym for "Eloheinu Melech Ne'eman" - "Our God is a Faithful King!" The central theme of this album is the central theme of God's name in Rev. 3:14: 'The beginning of the creation of God.' The highlight of this production is the introduction of Jonathan's daughter, Aviva Settel.

Available in English/Hebrew or Spanish/Hebrew

Amen Released July 2002

  1. Master of All Things - Craig Taubman 
  2. Amen - Moshe Datz & Hamutal Ben Zeev 
  3. Shehechianu -Craig Taubman 
  4. Jerusalen Tierra Sagrada - Edith & Ariel Mesch 
  5. You Are My Hiding Place - Michael Ledner 
  6. Breathe On Me - Lucy Fisher 
  7. V'Shamru - Steve Dropkin 
  8. Adonai S'fatai - Craig Taubman 
  9. Israel - Marco Vidal 
  10. Anachnu Dor Metzuyan 


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