I Believe - Ani Ma Amin

I Believe - Ani Ma Amin 3029 $15.00

A Blending of Our Jewish Heritage with a Modern Contemporary Flair! Forty-Five minutes of music including "Kaddish", "Lord of the World", Jerusalem of Gold" and more.....Makes you want to sing & dance causing you to say, "Yes!....I Believe."

Available in English/Hebrew Available in CD



  1. Lord of the World - Phil Klein
  2. Jerusalem of Gold - Naomi Shemer
  3. Just One Shabbat - Mordechai Ben David -
  4. Super Medley
  5. Ani Ma'Amin (Mashiach) - Mordechai Ben David
  6. Kaddish - Stuart Dauermann
  7. The Eye of the Needle - A Parable - Charlotte Baker


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