Through His Eyes

Through His Eyes
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Behold the miracle of Israel through the eyes of Her Creator; the Ancient of Days...the Lord! If we receive just that much from these songs, Dayeinu! (It is enough!) The heart cry of the Father to see His people, the Jews, His nation, Israel "Through His Eyes"

Available in English/Hebrew Available in CD



  1. When the Lord Returns - Matthew Casey
  2. Song of Moses - author unknown
  3. Tzion, Tzion, Tzion - author unknown
  4. Sing and Dance - Matthew Casey
  5. The Wall - Lana Portnoy 
  6. Yeshlanu Tora - author unknown 
  7. Yedid Nefesh - Jeremiah 31: 1-10 
  8. Out of the Depths - Matthew Casey 
  9. Od Yeshama - Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach 
  10. In the Beauty - Matthew Casey 


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