M.H. from New Mexico

I am the woman who sat behind you at Adat Yeshua last Shabbat evening. Red blouse, grey hair... I have been close to you for almost 12 ywars, as I first heard you in concert at Yeshuat Tsion in 1999. I notice I have aged, compared to you!! Your strength and the quality of your voice remain an honor to HIM!!

I wanted to tell you how MUCH I appreciate YOU and your music. I just bought my third album of Gallery, as I have completely worn out the first two. The first one I bought carried me through the death of my mother and helped me continue in my HOPE that the Lord woud intercede when I knew I was powerless to help her understand HIM! I played the CD's until my unsaved family were ready to scream, but I NEEDED the strength that came from your music and the depths of your voice!!

Then my husband died ~ ALS and severe dementia ~ I have NO idea what the Lord chose in his life and death for eternity... but your music was a support when I was absolutely at the bottom of my personal resources. I KNOW the Lord was holding me close, and your music was a continuing encouragement. I just wanted to thank you for your steadfast praise to HIM, and the sharing of praise to Who HE is at all times!! I am now a 76 year old widow, skimping along and knowing I don't need to fuss~ He will be along SOON.

My very favorite song of yours is Isaiah 53 ~ WOW!! I am, of course, a Messianic Jew, but that was a surprise to me. (Crypto-Jew of a ffew centuries back - 1610 I think). ! I finally understood that the person making the offering had to slit the throat of the sacrifice animal themselves ~ as a gentile, I figued someone else woud do the bloody work! I am learning a LOT!! I did it myself 45 years ago and didn't realize what that meant! I knew Who He is, but not the details of the actual sacrifice...

I would LOVE to know how you came to know Yeshua as Messiah!!

Thank you, Jonathan!

* * * * * * * *

S.E. , Brookings, SD, USA

I should have done this earlier, but time just goes so fast these days, that I hadn't found the time to be able to say THANK YOU!!

You have been such a blessing for our family. We love your singing and we so look forward to the next time we will be at a concert where you will be performing.

We were in Chandler, OK at the Feast of Sukkot in 2007. You made my daughters Feast. She got to perform with the orchestra there. Laura loved every minute of it!!!

My son, Pete, loves and respects you so much that he wants to be a singer like you. He listens to your songs and sings to the best of his ability. His “treat” last Sukkot was that he got to pick out his favorite CD of yours and as if that wasn't good enough, you autographed it and shook his hand. He was so proud of that!!! He won't even play it – he doesn’t want to ruin it.

From my heart, I thank you for those fond memories and the beauty of your voice and the praise that you give to our God, the God of our Fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Our family and the brethren who will be coming to the Feast of Sukkot in Chandler, OK hope and pray that you will be with us and minister to us as we celebrate the Feast of our God. We would LOVE to see you and be blessed by you again!!!

May the Lord bless you and protect (keep) you. May He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May He lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Thank you,

* * * * * * * *


Erev tov, BrotherJonathan Settel and Ministry.

Shabbat Shalom be with you all integrants of the Jonathan Settel Ministry.

It has been a pleasure to me to have listened to the beautiful music that "The Eternal" Elohim allows this man to produce and sing.

Every time I hear Brother Jonathan, my heart trembles and cries because I feel the presence of the Ruach Hakodesh so strong in my spirit that I cry of joy and peace.

Besides listening to such a privileged voice, sometimes I use ear phones and I raise the volume of my stereo to listen in detail each note interpreted by him. As I study his voice and find it very educated and artful. You really enjoy it greatly. I say this because seldom I hear men's voices so powerful. His voice is ample and extensive, which can be a bass, a baritone, almost a tenor voice; talent that just a few have. Besides finding that his music has been played by the Symphonic Orchestra of Israel, which is something very important, the songs "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem" and "Return" are soft and sublime, which I never stop listening. I cry every time I listen to them as my heart moans and claims for the peace of Israel inside and outside its walls.

I would like to mention that all my comments are not a worship of the man, but the power of Hashem in the man, while realizing such a perfect musical design.

* * * * * * * *


D & M of South Florida

Hello and Shalom in the name of Yeshua. I am writing to Mr. Settel to express my gratitude for his trip to my Church Alpha & Omega this past Sunday. Me and my wife attended both the 10am and 11:45am services and really enjoyed ourselves. It is not everyday that we have Mr. Settel over for worship and it was really inspiring and wonderful. Every one else as well enjoyed his unique music. My sincere good wishes and blessings to Jonathan Settel and his whole Ministry and may our saviour Yeshua keep blessing him more and more with heavenly Hebrew songs! I wanted to personally greet Mr. Settel but there were many people there.

* * * * * * * *


From N. C. in California

My family was in attendance on Saturday night when Jonathan sang and shared at Kehilat Mashiach. I just wanted to let you know it was a BLESSING to hear Jonathan sing. What a glorious voice he has! Thanks for a wonderful opportunity. My son, who'll be 3 next month, recognized Jonathan’s voice and asked, "Is he the man who sings Shalom Aleichem?" (His favorite lullaby.)

So thank you for letting him put a face to the voice!

* * * * * * * *


From DC of Miami, FL 

I am writing this letter first of all to give all of the Glory to the Eternal Hashem and the Holy Yeshua. Praised be the name of the Holy of Israel. I love the special annointing that Hashem has freely given to my Jewish brother Jonathan. I am a firm believer in Messiach Yeshua and I am a Gentile by nationality but I have a special love for the sons of Israel. I am always playing Jonathan's music and it transforms me and connects me with GOD like no other music. I have been able to even learn some Hebrew in the process by singing his songs. I really wish Jonathan success and more outpouring of God's blessings into his life from this Gentile but brother in Christ!

I currently attend a tremendous and mighty powerful church in Christ in Miami called Alpha and Omega. Our Apostle is another great blessed man of GOD and the teachings given to him by the Holy Spirit are astonishing. We have a great worship music group but I am always telling my wife, " I really wish someday Jonathan Settel will come and perform for GOD and for us in Miami ". Well this is really my desire. I would be more than joyful to plant fruits in his Ministry as the Lord Yeshua speaks into my heart. It is so very nice to actually see the chosen people of Jehova ( Israel ) finally believing that Jesus is the Messiach! It is very sad for me to see the rest of the Hebrew people not believing in Jesus and still waiting for the Messiach to come. Jonathan, may Hashem EL Shaddai bless you and your Ministry, your family and your generations to come as He did with beloved " David " !!! Keep up the good work and the beautiful music!